colouring pencils for adults


Crayola 48 Coloured Pencils

Crayola 48 Coloured Pencils

Crayola Coloured Pencils are made with thick, soft leads, so they won't break easily under pressure. The smooth colours are perfect for colour mixing and blending, as well as practicing more detailed techniques. Crayola Coloured Pencils are made f...

Key Features

Set of 48 popular colours

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PRISMACOLOR VERITHIN Pencil, Artist Quality Hard Thin Lead Pencils, Box of 24, Assorted Colours (2427)

SANFORD-Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils: Verithin. Ideal for outlining, detailing, lettering and cleaning up edges. Hard, thin leads sharpen to a fine point. Has high quality pigments for rich color saturation. This package contains twenty-four 7 inch long lead pencils in colors VT 734, VT 734-1/2, VT 735, VT 735-1/2, VT 737, VT 738, VT 738-1/2, VT 739, VT 439-1/2, VT 740, VT 740-1/2, VT 741, VT 742, VT 742-1/2, VT 743-1/2, VT 744, VT 745, VT 745-1/2, VT 746, VT 746-1/2, VT 747, VT 752, VT 757 and 759. Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Imported.

Key Features

High quality pencils with hard, thin leads make edges cleaner, outlines bolder, and lettering pristine
Point won't snap under normal pressure, and moisture won't smear marks
Sharpens to a fine point without crumbling
High-quality pigments for rich color saturation that is ideal for detailing, outlinging, and cleaning up edges
Set of 24 artist-quality colored pencils

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PRISMACOLOR PREMIER Pencil, Colored Pencils, Box of 72, Assorted (3599TN)

SANFORD-Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Set. These colored pencils are artists' quality for every level of expertise. Pencils contain high quality pigments for a rich color saturation and feature soft, thick cores that resist breakage and create a smooth color lay-down for superior blending and shading. This package contains 72 colored pencils in an 8-1/4x8x1-1/4 inch storage tin. Non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.

Key Features

Artist-quality colored pencils for every level of expertise
Colors are easily blended, slow to wear and waterproof
Soft, thick cores create a smooth color laydown for superior blending and shading
Package contains one 9-3/4 by 8-1/8 by 1-1/8-inch tin with 72 pencils
Made in Mexico

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PRISMACOLOR Scholar Pencil, Art Pencils, Box of 60, Assorted Colours (92808HT)

Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencils, 60 Pack

Key Features

Specially formulated for students and aspiring artists
Prismacolor scholar quality art pencils have a smooth, creamy texture and strong thick cores
The round wooden pencils are packaged sharpened.
Scholar is a quality line of student pencils from the makers of Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Colors can be blended to open up brilliant new possibilities

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 STAEDTLER Triangular Coloured Pencil, 24 Pack (1270 C24A6)

Premium quality Staedtler Mars colored pencils. Triangular shape for comfort and no-roll. Easy to sharpen. Beautiful colors. Available in 12 or 24 colors assorted.

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Niutop 72-Color Premier Soft Core Art Colored Drawing Pencils for Artist Sketch/Adult Secret Garden Coloring Book/ Kids Artist Writing/ Manga Artwork (72-Color)

If you have just taken up adult coloring as a relaxation method, order these Niutop professional, Smooth and high quality colored pencils right now.
If you want your kid get creativity rushing, order these Niutop professional, Smooth and high quality colored pencils right now.
These Niutop richly-pigmented colored pencils are also perfect for emerging and experienced artists.

-Material: Wood
-Weight: 485g
-Quantity: 72
-Color: 72
Package Includes:
-72 x Drawing Pencils

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Key Features

GREAT VALUE for the money, the colored pencil set includes 72 pre-sharpened MARCO RAFFINE colored pencils with vibrant, blendable, buildable colors, for immediate usage, gives you a lot of colors for less money.
HIGH QUALITY, work smoothly on paper and sharpen easily without tips breaking off, creating smooth color laydown with bold colors for superior blending and shading.
MULTIPLE PURPOSES, this artist-quality coloring pencil set, with good print effect and vibrant colors , is wonderful for coloring Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest, and Lost Ocean Coloring Book.
COMPLETELY SAFE, beautifully crafted with recycled wood, which is environmentally friendly and non- toxic. Safe to use by anyone, except children under 3 years of age.
NICE FESTIVAL GIFT for both kids and adults. Perfect for encouraging creativity and relieving stress. NOTE: If you don't completely satisfied with it, we will give you a totally FULL refund!

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STAEDTLER 185 C24JB Coloring Pencils, Exclusive Johanna Basford Adult Coloring Edition - Assorted, Pack of 24

Eco-friendly colouring pencils. Made from the innovative WOPEX material which is recycled wood and plastic-the most ecological and efficient pencil on the market. Exclusive global stationery partnership with Johanna Basford and Staedtler. More Info: Staedtler-Colored Pencil Set. These colored pencils are perfect for adult coloring and more! This 7x7x3/8 inch package contains twenty- four colored pencils in assorted colors. Imported.

Key Features

STAEDTLER 185 C24JB Coloring Pencils, Exclusive Johanna Basford Adult Coloring Edition - Assorted, Pack of 24

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NIUTOP Art Drawing Colored Pencils, Marco Raffine Set of 72 Assorted Artist Colored Pencils with Tin Box for Sketching/ Drawing/ Adult Coloring Books (72 Colors with Tin Box)

Whether you're an occasional doodler, a fan of the many excellent 'adult coloring books' that have recently hit the best-seller list, or an accomplished fine artist, this is a colored pencil set you're sure to love.Featuring 72 different colors made from the finest pigments, these are high-quality pencils at an affordable price.Experienced artists know that one of the joys of colored pencils is the level of control they give you. You have complete control over the density and brightness of the color, from the faintest hint to bold and saturated, from a soft shadow to a sharp line. Techniques that experienced color-pencil artists use, such as layering, blending, and burnishing, work great with these pencils. If you want to learn more about colored-pencil technique, many instructional articles and videos are available online.
Or if you aren't interested in that fancy 'art' stuff, and you just want to make multi-colored scribbles and cartoons during boring conference calls, this set is still for you. You'll have a ball with it.
Colored pencils are among the most convenient, portable, and affordable art media available. Why not pick up this set today, and see where your imagination takes you?

Key Features

The Hottes Gift -These color pencils are the perfect companion to best - selling 'adult coloring books'. They are the HOTTES GIFT for both kids and adults
Really Worth Every Penny -Easily blended, brilliantly colored blends so smoothly into the surface, well crafted pencils. Perfect for encouraging kids' creativities, relieving adults' stress and helping artists express their limitless imaginations
[New Package]- Sturdier Tin Box,Come with the sturdier tin box which is more durable and easier access than the flimsy cardboard box. They're easy to carry, you can take them anywhere, anytime without leaving a mess
Completely Safe-Choking Hazard: Small parts, non-toxic, conforms to ASTM standards, not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Any coloring book is not included
100% Money-Back Guarantee -If for any reason you are unhappy with these pencils within 1 year of purchase, please feel free to contact us. We promise a full & prompt refund

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BIC Conté color collection adult coloring pencils assorted box of 24

Key Features

Wood free, easy to sharpen
Elegant, all black look
Durable tin box
Ideal for adult coloring

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Black Widow Coloring Pencils for Adults, the Best Color Pencil Set for Adult Coloring Books, A Quality 24 Piece Blackwood Drawing Kit Available to Use on Your Secret Garden Coloring Book. You Will Notice the Difference

• Now you want to get a coloured pencil set that will give you the best results.
• You will find that there are hundreds of pencil sets to choose from, which one to choose.
• This can get daunting, not really knowing the difference between all the other pencils.

• Have you started to research on which type of pencils to use and keep hitting a brick wall.
• Are you getting frustrated with looking at what is available, and if I choose a cheap set, what will the end result look like.
• Should you buy a cheap set, or should you spend a few extra dollars and purchase a quality set of pencils.

• We have manufactured a unique Blackwood pencil set that will outstand any other pencil on the market.
• Our Black Widow colouring pencils will adorn your retreat and supply the result that you have been striving for.
• Why wait, we offer you quality, for a very small investment, to compliment your book with the Black Widow.

WE OFFER OUR FAMOUS 12 MONTH WARRANTY, But does not include general wear and tear in using these pencils. Please note, a warranty claim will only be processed once the defective pencil set is returned.

• Try Them, And Love Them. What Are You Waiting For


Key Features

• THESE ART COLORED PENCILS FEATURE RICHLY SATURATED PIGMENTS FOR VIVID COLOR with strong cores to minimise breakage. Beautifully crafted from blackwood, these hexagonol colored pencils will truly enhance your enchanted forest coloring book. Your drawings will come alive in the secret garden as you drift into your wonderland of creating art.

• THIS 24 PIECE INDIVIDUAL COLOUR DRAWING SET HAS BEEN MANUFACTURED USING THE traditional time honored technique the chinese pencil masters used back In the last century. A medium soft 3mm lead Insert that Is easy to sharpen, and will hold its point much longer than other pencils. Featuring Inspired colors And pigments of unrivaled quality, which will inspire you to dig deeper into the wonderful art of creation, by using the Black Widow Pencils.

• YOUR RENOWNED PENCIL KIT WILL BRING ALL OF YOUR DRAWINGS TO LIFE because of the colour transfer overlay between colors.You will witness the prisma when you start blending these colours together with such ease and with marvelous results. You will be amazed that these art coloring pencils can produce works of art that you can only dream of. You be the judge, while you walk through the Enchanted Forest.

• OUR PREMIUM COLORED PENCILS HAVE SOFT CORE LEADS FOR SUPERB COLOR LAYDOWN and smooth and easy shading and blending. We deliver a superior coloured pencil that will keep you coming back for more. This mystical blackwood art set will give you hours of enjoyment at the helm of your colouring book for adults. Place this on your must do list.

• OUR BLACK WIDOW ART DRAWING PENCILS COME TO YOU AS AN ALTERNATIVE to the cheaper brands that may offer you a lesser quality than you expect. Try the Widow and check out her bite, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and end result, her sting will be expressed in your pages. You will never look back with your investment on the Black Widow.

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